Inside ETV Endowment

  • Thank You for Supporting One State, Many Voices

    The ETV Endowment successfully completed the One State, Many Voices: Sharing South Carolina’s Stories campaign. Thanks to you and many other generous donors across the state, we have met our $1.6 million goal. The Endowment’s capacity to support the production of local, original content on South Carolina ETV and South Carolina Public Radio has been doubled!

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  • Country Music

    Country Music: A Film by Ken Burns


    “Country music comes from right in here…this heart and soul that we all have,” says Garth Brooks. “You can dance to it, you can cry to it,” adds Dolly Parton. Country music reflects all of us.

    Director Ken Burns presents Country Music, a multi-episode series that explores country music’s roots, how it evolved and the trailblazers who created and shaped it. Longtime collaborators, Dayton Duncan is writer/producer, and Julie Dunfey is producer.

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  • Murphey White

    A Glimpse into Public Media

    “If you want a glimpse into what public media is, and the ins and outs of planning, then I’d definitely recommend this internship to anyone. I have learned valuable skills for editing and planning that I wouldn’t have learned elsewhere.”

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  • Laura Ellen Adair

    It’s Simply a Treasure to be Able to Share Local Stories

    “I would absolutely recommend this internship to journalism and digital media students alike. It allows you to be involved in the planning and execution of stories that will go online or on television. I was given a lot of freedom to work and treated like another member of the team.”

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  • Sean Scott

    Gaining Hands-On Experience as an ETV Endowment Intern

    “I would recommend this internship to others because you get great hands-on experience interning with SCETV. So many times I was sent out by myself to cover some event or story, and the best way to learn and get better at anything is to actually do it. Many of my friends interned at bigger stations in big cities like New York City, but that limited their opportunities—something which was never the case for me at SCETV this summer."

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