Appreciated Securities

Do you own stock that has increased in value? Have you owned this stock for more than a year?

If you answered “yes” to both questions, we have good news for you!

You can support programs on SCETV and SC Public Radio by donating appreciated stock to the ETV Endowment. Many supporters find that giving stock actually helps them do more than what’s possible when giving cash. By joining these thoughtful investors, you ,too, can yield high returns for early childhood education, arts, history and culture all across our state.   

Tax Savings

There’s more! You may enjoy a double tax benefit when you donate appreciated stock. You may claim a generous tax deduction for what the stock is worth today as opposed to what it cost you many years ago. You will also avoid paying capital gains tax on the transfer of the stock. This would not be the case should you decide to first sell the stock and then donate the proceeds.

How to Give

Giving stock to the ETV Endowment is simple. By working with your broker, you may donate stock electronically or by registered mail. It’s also possible to name the ETV Endowment as a beneficiary of your stock account(s) – a popular option for our supporters who desire more flexibility. 

No matter if you decide to give now or later, a gift of appreciated stock can help you amplify your impact and create meaningful change close to home.

We’re Here to Help

If you and your broker need more information about donating stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments, please contact Lauren Chivers at 877-253-2092 or

You can make your gift of appreciated stock by completing three simple steps:

  1. Step 1 - Initiate the Gift

    The first step is to notify your broker of your desire to make a gift of appreciated stock. You can then work with your advisor to select the stock that will be transferred to the ETV Endowment. 

  2. Step 2 - Send the Stock

    Sending Electronically:

    Please contact Lauren Chivers at 877-253-2092 or for account information.        

    Sending by Registered Mail:

    If sending by registered mail, you should send your unendorsed certificate(s) with a Stock Power Form and a Stock Waiver Form in separate envelopes, to:

    ETV Endowment of South Carolina

    Attn: Lauren Chivers

    401 E. Kennedy Street Suite B-1

    Spartanburg, SC  29302

  3. Step 3 - Notify Us

    To ensure your gift is processed in a timely manner, it’s important that we know your stock gift is on the way. Please contact Lauren Chivers at 877-253-2092 or

Already planning to make a gift of stock?

Let us know below!