Did you know member support plays a big role in providing programming on SCETV and SC Public Radio? Here's why our members give their support.

It's like food for the mind.

From historical dramas to classical music and yoga classes to travel shows, SCETV and SC Public Radio expand your mind and give you a window to the world. 

Donate to support enriching entertainment

“Growing up in rural SC, I did not always have access to museums, concert halls and travel. SCETV and SC Public Radio gave me a door into new worlds and continues to do so.”

Heather Canaday - Moore, SC

It's quality, commercial-free family time.

No matter how old your kids are, SCETV and SC Public Radio have educational programming you can turn on without having to worry about what they might hear.

Donate to support quality family time

"I support SCETV and SC Public Radio to show my gratitude for programming that, since childhood, has enriched my life –and now my children's lives—with education, entertainment, insight, culture and perspective. Thank you SCETV and SC Public Radio!"

Teddy Pound - Charleston, SC

It's news you can trust.

You can't make an informed decision without the facts. SCETV and SC Public Radio feature in-depth, balanced reporting on local and national news. 

Donate to support in-depth reporting

"Thank you for helping me learn every day, I can't imagine my life without SC Public Radio. You are my most trusted source for news and balanced perspectives."

Mrs. Elizabeth J. Bonala - Summerville, SC

It brings our community closer together.

SCETV and SC Public Radio programming helps you understand different groups across South Carolina. 

Donate to support understanding

“I consistently find that the programming isn't just entertaining but actually enhances my life and understanding of the world around me.”

Courtney Nowak - Columbia, SC