ETV Endowment Recognized for Excellence

In 2014, the ETV Endowment was named the recipient of the Award for Nonprofit Excellence by the South Carolina Association of Nonprofit Organizations (SCANPO).

The award was the culmination of a nine-month process that involved all Endowment staff and Trustees in an assessment and strengthening of practices and policies in all areas of the organization’s operations—including mission, governance, financial management, fundraising, ethics, operations, human resources, information management and communication.

“The ETV Endowment truly embodies the spirit of this award,” said Madeleine McGee, President of SCANPO. “Their leadership and commitment to this state have set a very high bar for performance. The Endowment demonstrates year after year that it is possible to serve one’s mission with both open hearts and clear heads. Their adherence to exceptional and ethical business practices certainly merits this recognition.  They are an outstanding example of a successful public-private partnership that works.”

Since 2003, SCANPO has recognized member organizations for their exemplary governance and management and excellence in implementing SCANPO’s Guiding Principles & Best Practices, and recipients are considered to be among the best-run nonprofits in the state.

2014 SC Award for Nonprofit Excellence