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For more than 60 years, SCETV and SC Public Radio have been producing and broadcasting quality programming of which we can all be proud, and we couldn't do it without the support of friends like you! 

Did you know your donation to the ETV Endowment provides commercial-free programming on SCETV and SC Public Radio?

In addition to raising general program support through ETV Endowment memberships, the Endowment has created special Friends groups that are dedicated to the production of a particular series.  We invite you to become a Friend and support After Action with an additional gift today.

Friends of After Action

Hosted by Veteran Stacy Pearsall and co-produced with SCETV, After Action highlights the stories of 21 veterans as they share their experiences of training, deployment and, most of all, life “after action.” 

Focusing on shared values such as diversity, strength, commitment, generosity and resilience, After Action seeks to demystify the military experience, provide a platform for dialogue among military family members and preserve military stories, many of which have, to date, been left untold. Watch the full series on SCETV Passport.

SCETV provides the news my family depends on, the programming we learn from and the entertainment we can’t wait to tune in for. Thank you!

Nathan Schmaltz, Travelers Rest, SC