• 12/14/2018

    Thank You for Your Valuable Support

    By Anthony Padgett, President & CEO SCETV

    Celtic Women

    Dear Viewers and Listeners: Our 60th Diamond Jubilee is coming to a close, and what a whirlwind celebration it has been! We have celebrated with our gardening series Making It Grow , which observed its 25th anniversary this year at the Sumter Opera House; and made special appearances at Soda City,...

  • 12/13/2018

    Celebrate the Holidays with SCETV

    By Ty Moody, SCETV

    Mormon Tabernacle Choir

    The holiday season is officially here! Grab a warm blanket and a cup of hot cocoa with family and friends to enjoy the following SCETV programming. We also encourage you to check out special events in your area or find helpful holiday planning tips from SCETV's Happy Holidays Collection page...

  • 12/11/2018

    Borneo - A Lifetime Adventure

    By Alasdair Clayre


    “Where are you from?” It seemed such a straightforward question when Coby asked me, and she was not the first. I paused. “That rather depends what you mean.” “Well, where were you born?” “Ah. Borneo.” And now I have a twinkle in my eye, “I grew up in a tribe in the rainforest there. But then we...

  • 11/30/2018

    New Programs This Month on SCETV Passport

    By Natalyn Klump

    Jamestown Season 2

    In November, SCETV Passport added even more of your favorite programs to its extensive library. Jamestown Returns for Season 2 Season 2 returns to a thriving Jamestown, but the status quo will soon be disrupted by birth, death and broken marriages. The settlers find themselves at the heart of...

  • 11/28/2018

    Thank You for Your Dedication

    By Coby C. Hennecy, CPA, CFRE


    Is the ETV Endowment a part of your year-end giving plan? Make a tax-deductible contribution before December 31st to keep public media exceptional in the Palmetto State.

  • 11/21/2018

    Donate to the ETV Endowment on Giving Tuesday

    By Coby C. Hennecy, CPA, CFRE


    Giving Tuesday is fast approaching! Consider making a contribution to the ETV Endowment on November 27th so public media can thrive in the Palmetto State.

  • 11/15/2018

    Donate to Keep ETV Exceptional

    By Coby C. Hennecy, CPA, CFRE

    How are you giving back this holiday season? Make an impact on the Palmetto State with a contribution to the ETV Endowment.

  • 11/07/2018

    Letter from the SCETV President

    By Anthony Padgett, President & CEO SCETV

    Celtic Thunder

    Dear Viewers and Listeners: We at SCETV and SC Public Radio have had a busy fall, and there’s no slowing down in the future. We are very excited to open our doors this month, continuing to celebrate SCETV’s 60th anniversary with a Diamond Jubilee Open House on Nov. 11. Visitors can: Tour our...

  • 11/01/2018

    SCETV’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrates 60 years of Storytelling in South Carolina

    By SCETV

    Diamond Jubilee

    Join SCETV for the Diamond Jubilee event—an afternoon celebration and a behind-the-scenes look at SCETV’s headquarters in Columbia, SC. This community celebration will kick off at 2 p.m. on Sunday November 11th and will continue throughout the afternoon until 5 p.m. “We are thrilled to celebrate 60...

  • 10/25/2018

    New on SCETV Passport

    By Natalyn Klump

    Woman in White

    The Woman in White When a young man encounters a ghostly woman dressed all in white on a moonlit road, he is drawn into a web of intrigue that will transform his life forever. Offering his assistance to this distressed, spectral woman, he is later shocked to discover that she had just escaped from...

  • 10/19/2018

    Tax-Wise Strategy

    By Rachel Chesser, Planned Giving Officer

    Tax-Wise Strategy: How to make a meaningful gift that pays you income for life and provides a tax deduction. Is supporting the programs you enjoy on SCETV and SC Public Radio in a meaningful way important to you? If you are at least 70 years old, I would like to introduce you to Charitable Gift...

  • 10/17/2018

    Head to South Carolina Public Radio for Estate Planning Strategies

    By Rachel Chesser, Planned Giving Officer

    SC Business Review

    As part of the ETV Endowment’s commemoration of National Estate Planning Awareness Week, we are providing resources to help you work on your personal plans. SC Public Radio’s own South Carolina Business Review is an excellent resource for a variety of estate planning topics. Here are just a few...

  • 10/15/2018

    Estate Planning: An Easy Way to Get Started

    By Rachel Chesser, Planned Giving Officer


    No matter where you are in life, it is wise to think about and plan for how your affairs will be handled. A few simple steps today can give you peace of mind tomorrow, by ensuring you and your loved ones are well protected. We understand estate planning is sometimes a daunting process and it is...

  • 10/12/2018

    Watch Your Favorite Programs on SCETV Passport

    By Natalyn Klump

    Poldark Passport

    Poldark on SCETV Passport Can’t get enough of Poldark ? You don’t have to wait each week to watch Season 4. You can watch the entire series, including the new Season 4 episodes now on SCETV Passport. New on SCETV Passport American Masters | Wyeth Through unprecedented access to Wyeth’s family...

  • 10/04/2018

    A Chef’s Life comes to a close with Harvest Special

    By Natalyn Klump

    A Chefs Life Harvest

    For the past five seasons, Vivian Howard has taken us on her journey to explore the South one ingredient at a time. Whether you’ve enjoyed trying something new in the kitchen, learning about the ingredients of the South or just following Vivian along on her endeavors, A Chef’s Life has brought...