• 05/21/2018

    Sonatas and Soundscapes Broadcasts Live During Spoleto Festival USA

    By Natalyn Klump

    Sonatas & Soundscapes

    Sonatas and Soundscapes will broadcast live from Charleston during this year’s Spoleto Festival USA. Host Bradley Fuller blends music with festival-focused interviews to create a spontaneous atmosphere, making listeners feel like they are at Spoleto. The 17-day festival runs from May 25 to June 10...

  • 05/16/2018

    Thank You for Bringing Great Stories to Our Community

    By Coby C. Hennecy, CPA, CFRE

    Dear ETV Endowment Member, Who doesn’t love a good book? There’s a physical thrill in picking up a new hardcover, the feel of binding, the smell of the pages, flipping through to look at the illustrations. You can’t beat audiobooks, e-readers or downloads to your tablet or phone for convenience,...

  • 05/14/2018

    Royal Wedding Watch airs on SCETV

    By Ty Moody, SCETV

    Go behind the headlines with host Meredith Vieira for the history, ceremony and traditions shaping the wedding of Prince Henry and Meghan Markle. Experts, commentators and guests join Vieira and U.K. host Matt Baker, while Anita Rani reports from Windsor. The ROYAL WEDDING WATCH schedule is below:...

  • 05/10/2018

    A New Perspective on the Classic Little Women

    By Natalyn Klump

    Little Women

    There are some stories that never lose their appeal, and Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women is one of them! Presented by Masterpiece, the new, three-part adaptation of Little Women features a dynamic cast including the legendary Angela Lansbury as the cantankerous Aunt March. Vivacious young...

  • 05/08/2018

    South Carolina ETV and South Carolina Public Radio Broadcast Nominated for Regional Emmy®

    By Glenn Rawls, SCETV


    South Carolina ETV and South Carolina Public Radio's co-production of the live TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE has been nominated for a regional Emmy for Special Event Coverage. Congratulations to our staff, including Renée Layson, Aimee Crouch, Beryl Dakers and Kevin Jordan. Host Dakers, with public radio and...

  • 05/07/2018

    The Great American Read

    By Natalyn Klump

    Great American Read

    What do Americans Read? What books inspire and influence us—individually and as a society? To find the answers, a demographically representative survey was commissioned, and people throughout America were asked to list their favorite books and why they chose them. Members of an advisory panel,...

  • 05/02/2018

    New Programs Added to SCETV Passport

    By Natalyn Klump

    A Child in Time

    Even more of your favorite shows and episodes have been added to SCETV Passport , an ETV Endowment member benefit providing you with extended access to a rich library of public television programming. Jamestown comes from the creators of Downton Abbey to SCETV Passport members. This new dramatic...

  • 04/30/2018

    A Chef's Life Wins Daytime Emmy

    By Glenn Rawls, SCETV

    Daytime Emmy

    A Chef’s Life has won the Daytime Emmy® for Outstanding Culinary Program. Hosted by Emmy nominee Vivian Howard, the series is in its fifth year on PBS and presented nationally by South Carolina ETV. Director Cynthia Howard has previously won for her work on the series. A Chef's Life is a half-hour...

  • 04/26/2018

    Vince Kolb-Lugo Brings You News and Weather Weekday Afternoons

    By ETV Endowment

    You know his voice. Vince Kolb-Lugo brings South Carolina Public Radio listeners stories from across the state, and news and weather information in the afternoons during All Things Considered . Whether you are in your home, out for your afternoon run or heading home from work, Vince keeps you up-to...

  • 04/17/2018

    April Brings Fresh New Programming to SCETV

    By Anthony Padgett, President & CEO, SCETV

    Dear Viewers and Listeners: April brings fresh new programming to SCETV. A new Carolina Stories special looks at the history of the Myrtle Beach landmark Charlie’s Place , an African-American nightclub in the 1940s and ‘50s. Owner Charlie Fitzgerald hosted such names as Etta James, James Brown,...

  • 04/10/2018

    Charlie's Place

    By ETV Endowment

    Charlie's Place

    In 1937, at the height of the swing dance craze, Charlie and Sarah Fitzgerald opened the doors to a supper club in Myrtle Beach called Charlie’s Place, and it remained a popular nightspot for more than a decade. All were welcome, and the mixed crowd defied the color barrier to drink, dance and have...

  • 04/06/2018

    New Programs Added to SCETV Passport in March

    By Natalyn Klump

    Downton Abbey Passport

    SCETV Passport is an ETV Endowment member benefit providing you with extended access to a rich library of public television programming. The month of March brought even more of your favorite shows and episodes to SCETV Passport. Downton Abbey is back! Beginning with the first season, you can watch...

  • 04/04/2018

    We’re Grateful for Everything You Do for the ETV Endowment

    By Coby C. Hennecy, CPA, CFRE

    Dear ETV Endowment Member, It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 50 years since the acclaimed series Civilisation aired on PBS. I’m very excited about its return in an extraordinary new version, Civilizations, that explores the role art and creative imagination have played in the forging of...

  • 04/02/2018

    A Chef’s Life Receives Daytime Emmy Nominations

    By Natalyn Klump

    A Chefs Life

    Congratulations to Vivian Howard and the talented cast and crew of A Chef’s Life! SCETV Presents own, A Chef’s Life , has received three Daytime Emmy® nominations. Vivian Howard has been nominated in the category of Best Culinary Host, Director Cynthia Hill for Best Directing in a Single Camera...

  • 03/27/2018

    Thank You for Supporting South Carolina

    By Anthony Padgett, President & CEO, SCETV

    ETV Endowment 40th Anniversary

    Dear Members, The ETV Endowment’s 40th anniversary is a moment to reflect on what you have accomplished for our state. Your thoughtful and continuing support is the reason for the successes South Carolina ETV and South Carolina Public Radio have realized. SCETV will celebrate six decades this...