• 07/12/2019

    Your Favorite MASTERPIECE Programs on SCETV Passport

    By Natalyn Klump


    Beat the heat this summer by staying in and watching your favorite MASTERPIECE programs on SCETV Passport . Relive the drama, scandal, heartbreak, love and ambition of the Grantham family and their staff on the award-winning Downton Abbey . You can watch all six seasons of the landmark television...

  • 07/08/2019

    A Window to the World is Open to All – Because of You!

    By Coby Cartrette Hennecy, CPA, CFRE

    Chasing the Moon

    Dear ETV Endowment Member, Summer is my favorite season. I always carve out time to explore new places–whether it’s far away or right in my neighborhood—and learn more about topics that spark my interest. In July and August, SCETV presents the “Summer of Space” to coincide with the 50th anniversary...

  • 07/01/2019

    One State, Many Voices

    By Coby Cartrette Hennecy, CPA, CFRE

    Local Productions

    Dear ETV Endowment Member, We hope this letter finds you enjoying a relaxing summer with family, friends and exceptional South Carolina ETV and South Carolina Public Radio programming. We have just closed another fiscal year at the Endowment, and it may just be the best one in our history…thanks to...

  • 06/18/2019

    We’re Grateful for Your Support and Want to Hear from You!

    By Coby Cartrette Hennecy, CPA, CFRE

    ETV Endowment header

    Dear ETV Endowment Member, The upcoming two-hour special, When Whales Walked: A Deep Time Journey , is a wonderful example of the importance of partnerships. PBS and Smithsonian Channel™ draw upon each other’s expertise to take you to the frontiers of science. Partnerships are beneficial in so much...

  • 06/12/2019

    A New Season of Endeavour on SCETV Passport

    By Natalyn Klump

    Endeavour Passport

    It’s the summer of 1969, and DS Endeavour Morse, played so brilliantly by Shaun Evans, sports a new look with a rather handsome mustache. When we last saw Endeavour and his colleagues, they were reeling from the terrible murder of George Fancy. As episode 1 of Endeavour , Season 6, begins it is...

  • 06/11/2019

    Awards for Charlie's Place

    By Natalyn Klump

    Charlie's Place

    Charlie’s Place , an SCETV production, recently received two honors: a Telly Award Bronze in the history category and an Emmy Award nomination for Best Historical/Cultural-Program from The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Southeast. Charlie’s Place tells the story of an African...

  • 06/07/2019

    Three Cheers for 4-Stars!

    By Natalyn Klump

    Charity Navigator

    Did you know the ETV Endowment is ranked in the top 4% of all U.S. charities because of its Charity Navigator Rating? Non-profit evaluator Charity Navigator has awarded the ETV Endowment its eighth consecutive 4-star rating, placing the Endowment in the top 4% of all U.S charities. This is the...

  • 05/24/2019

    Making It Grow Wins Two Telly Awards

    By Natalyn Klump


    South Carolina ETV's Making It Grow recently received two Telly Awards. The Emmy Award-winning program is a live, interactive call-in program produced by SCETV and Clemson University. Host Amanda McNulty and team Making It Grow focus on gardening topics while highlighting interesting places and...

  • 05/20/2019

    Spoleto Festival USA on South Carolina Public Radio

    By SC Public Radio

    Bradley Fulller

    Spoleto Festival USA returns to Charleston May 24 through June 9. Every weekday during the festival, South Carolina Public Radio’s Sonatas and Soundscapes will be there, broadcasting live with host Bradley Fuller, providing the latest happenings, along with guest interviews, previews of upcoming...

  • 05/01/2019

    Mister Rogers and Halley’s Comet

    By Barbara Leonard, Sustaining Star

    Mister Rogers

    February 6, 1986, Morgantown, West Virginia — Driving to pick up my son from the sitter, I heard a news bulletin on the radio. There was an accident at the Loveridge Coal Preparation Plant, and I knew that my husband, a mining engineer, was working on a project at that plant that day. When it was...

  • 04/24/2019

    Discover what’s new on SCETV Passport

    By Natalyn Klump

    SCETV Passport

    Documentaries, dramas and more, SCETV Passport allows you to watch even more episodes of your favorite programs. Victoria, Downton Abbey, Poldark and Endeavour on MASTERPIECE along with other popular series such as Making It Grow , A Chef’s Life , The Great British Baking Show, Nature and NOVA are...

  • 04/10/2019

    Reel South Returns for Season Four

    By Natalyn Klump

    Reel south

    Reel South , the acclaimed TV showcase for independent films about the American South, begins its fourth season in April with nine new productions. Hosted this season by Valerie June, offerings include a look at Latina girls’ celebration of their Quinceañera; a unique community of Chinese students...

  • 04/01/2019

    Reconstruction: America after the Civil War

    By Natalyn Klump


    “Our film will tell the real story of Reconstruction, honoring the struggle of the African Americans who fought their way out of slavery. But we will also tell the tragic story of the sustained and often violent pushback against Reconstruction’s determination to secure equal rights for black people...

  • 03/20/2019

    Enjoy the Best of MASTERPIECE on SCETV Passport

    By Natalyn Klump

    Les Mis Passport

    This spring, SCETV Passport gives you the opportunity to watch the best of MASTERPIECE on your own schedule. A new six-part adaptation of Victor Hugo’s classic novel Les Misérables premieres Sunday, April 14 on SCETV . With striking intensity and relevance to us today, Hugo’s novel is testimony to...

  • 03/13/2019

    We’re Very Grateful for Everything You do for the ETV Endowment

    By Coby C. Hennecy, CPA, CFRE

    Dear ETV Endowment Member, In our busy lives, those to-do lists seem to always get longer, and there’s never enough time to accomplish everything we’d like. As much as we try, we miss the museum exhibit we wanted to see and never get around to reading the new book that’s on everyone’s list. That is...