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PBS and Member Stations named “Most Trusted” for 19 consecutive years

According to a nationwide survey, PBS was named the most trusted media organization for the 19th year in a row. 

Not only do viewers trust PBS, but they also see themselves reflected in PBS’s content offerings. Seventy-five percent of those surveyed agree that PBS content features a diverse range of people, and 74% agree that PBS content appeals to people from diverse backgrounds.  According to survey results, 86% agree that PBS member stations provide excellent value to the communities they serve.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, PBS and its member stations offered important and timely services to local communities, teachers, parents and students. In response, 87% of those surveyed named PBS KIDS the most educational media brand, and 84% of parents agreed that PBS KIDS helps prepare children for success in school. 

“The trust that PBS and our member stations hold with the American public is an important measure of our success,” PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger. “As we prepare for the future, public television will continue to serve as a source of education, entertainment and inspiration for the American public.” 

To view PBS’s 2022 Trust Flyer click HERE.  

Survey Data Highlights:
•    86% of respondents believe PBS stations provide an excellent value to communities 
•    68% percent believe PBS is in touch with today’s culture
•    PBS KIDS was ranked the #1 educational media brand for children, compared with a host of other children’s media providers. 

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