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Annual Estate Planning Roundup

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October is National Estate Planning Awareness Month and one of my traditions is to share is how your favorite public television and radio programs are covering estate, retirement and financial planning topics each year. Check out these recent stories from SC Public Radio, NPR and PBS:

Estate Planning During a Crisis – South Carolina Business Review

What Do I Do with My Old Retirement Plan? – South Carolina Business Review

End-Of-Life Planning Is A 'Lifetime Gift' To Your Loved Ones – NPR’s Life Kit podcast

Short on Cash? Here's Some Advice For Families Stretching Their Budgets – Weekend Edition

Tax Free Retirement Investing Slow to Catch On – South Carolina Business Review

"SECURE" Retirement Changes Coming this Year – South Carolina Business Review

Analysis: The Pandemic is Making America’s Retirement Crisis Worse. Here’s What You Can Do – PBS NewsHour

What to Do About Your Retirement and Savings Amid the Pandemic - PBS NewsHour

Caring for an Adult Child with Disabilities in Retirement - PBS NewsHour

These Strategies May Protect Your Money in Times of Economic Turbulence - PBS NewsHour

How To Make Your Estate Plan Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic – Weekend Edition

Retirement Won't Save For Itself: Here's How To Save What You Need - NPR’s Life Kit podcast

Be sure to check out the 2019 and 2018 roundups of planning articles. There’s much food for thought! Request a FREE personal estate planning guide to help you get started on your own plans. 

2019: Listen and Learn: Estate Planning and Advice on Public Radio

2018: Head to South Carolina Public Radio for Estate Planning Strategies


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