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Plant the First Seed: National Estate Planning Awareness Month

It is estimated that more than 120 million Americans do not have proper estate plans to protect themselves or their families in the event of sickness, accidents or untimely death. This costs many families wasted dollars and hours of hardship each year that could be minimized with proper planning. Many people also mistakenly underestimate their wealth and think they do not need to do any estate and financial planning.

Public television stations across the country, including South Carolina ETV in partnership with the ETV Endowment, observe National Estate Planning Awareness Month in October to help create stronger and more financially sound communities. All month long we will be sharing educational resources to help you prepare an estate plan. The theme for 2020 is Plant the First Seed. We encourage you to plant the first seed - getting organized - and then watch your garden and peace of mind grow.

Perhaps you are thinking you might not need an estate plan because you:

·         Are too young

·         Are too old

·         Are not wealthy enough

·         Have too few assets

·         Have no heirs

·         Already have an estate plan that you made years ago

·         Would like to avoid conflict with family members

Unfortunately, none of those situations count you out of estate planning. If you have dependents or other loved ones (beloved pets count!) you would like to protect, or if you hold assets like a home or business, it is crucial to have at least a simple estate plan in place to protect them and make the most of the assets you leave behind.

Getting started on an estate plan can be daunting and even a bit confusing. But, like a garden, it all starts with the simple step of planting the first seed - getting organized…so let’s get gardening!

REQUEST a FREE Estate Planning Guide

Please contact us to request your free copy of the Personal Estate Planning Guide. This handy little booklet will help organize your essentials:

·         Personal information

·         Family contacts

·         Healthcare information

·         Medical providers

·         Types of assets you own

·         Your advisors

The guide will assist you with knowing what information to document and is a working document you can file or share with family and/or a legal or financial advisor.

Request a Free Booklet Today! 

REGISTER for a Free Estate Planning Webinar

Current offerings in the month of October include:

Recordings of past webinars, Why You Need a Will and How to Get Started and Introduction to Trusts, are available by request. Please email Rachel Chesser, Director of Planned Giving. 

EXPLORE Estate Planning Blogs

We will be sharing estate planning news and strategies on our blog throughout October. There's also a rich archive of estate planning posts from the years past. So, take a break from your gardening, and do some research. Be sure to check back for new posts!

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in your planning. Here's to a productive October and happy gardening! 

Rachel Chesser
Director of Planned Giving



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