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South Carolina ETV and South Carolina Public Radio Belong to You

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Dear ETV Endowment Member,

There’s one thing that’s always been true: South Carolina ETV and South Carolina Public Radio belong to you.

Like all great community endeavors, the ETV Endowment’s singular purpose is to enrich and enlighten ALL the people of our state. That’s why your ongoing support is so profoundly important.

You’ve helped make possible a distinctive television event coming to SCETV this month: Ken Burns’ long-awaited documentary series, The Vietnam War. If ever there’s been a time in our shared history that has defied a full, common understanding, it’s this war and the individual and community impact and toll it elicited.

The fact is, no other media organization would ever have endorsed ten years for this unparalleled film to be created, let alone earmark 18 hours of prime space to its broadcast. But this is exactly why public broadcasting and the ETV Endowment exist: to courageously explore the complex dimensions of this world we inhabit together, and to know that in the end, we may not have all the answers, but we will have seen things through many eyes and achieved deeper knowledge.

There simply is no other media organization that does what SCETV and SC Public Radio do in South Carolina — none that has public service as their paramount mission, a loyal audience as a funding base and a steadfast dedication to excellence as a consistent goal.

All this belongs to you because you choose to belong to the special — and wonderful — group of committed people who support the ETV Endowment and have helped it thrive for four decades now. The simple fact remains that the vast majority of ETV Endowment’s funding has always come directly from viewers and listeners who believe strongly in our programming.

Thank you for supporting the incredible resource that is public broadcasting and providing free access to the arts, sciences, history, children’s programming and trusted news and information for all.

With appreciation,

Coby C. Hennecy, CPA, CFRE
Executive Director
ETV Endowment of South Carolina

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