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New programs on SC Public Radio thanks to your support!

Dear ETV Endowment Member,

The programs on SCETV and SC Public Radio are for the discriminating viewer and listener...YOU! Whether you access them on your television, radio, online or on-demand, we’re your source for news, culture, music, history, travel, cooking — the list goes on!

In the coming months, SCETV is premiering a variety of programs you’ll want to catch, such as The Great American Recipe, a series celebrating the diverse roots of American cuisine; Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution, a docuseries exploring the influential music genre of the 1970s; Space: The Longest Goodbye, a documentary delving into the psychology of life in space; and of course the new lineup of radio programs coming your way, including Chicago Symphony Orchestra Radio Broadcasts, Notes From America with Kai Wright, The Arts Hour and so much more!

There’s so much to explore on SCETV and SC Public Radio…because of your support! Thank you for making all of our exceptional programs — local and national — possible!

Thank you, 

Coby Cartrette Hennecy, CPA, CFRE 
Executive Director
ETV Endowment of South Carolina

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