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Every gift to the ETV Endowment helps support all of your favorite public television and radio programs.

  1. Support SCETV and SC Public Radio

    The ETV Endowment uses your gifts to support public broadcasting in South Carolina on South Carolina ETV and South Carolina Public Radio.

  2. Provide Access to Our State

    Your loyal support helps us provide free access to 672 hours of exceptional programming each week on four SCETV channels and 336 hours of exceptional programming on two SC Public Radio services. 

  3. Support Programs for Everyone

    Your support goes directly towards outstanding dramas, award-winning documentaries, in-depth news, educational children's programming and local stories. 

SCETV Passport

Quality Programming in Your Pocket

SCETV Passport is a member benefit that gives you on-demand access to quality local and national television programming.

Exploring Local Content

SCETV and SC Public Radio have a rich legacy as South Carolina’s storyteller and trusted source for entertainment, education, history, culture and news. The ETV Endowment is committed to continuing that rich legacy by providing funding for the local programs that we all enjoy, programs that make SCETV and SC Public Radio a treasure for our state.

What Our Members Are Saying

SCETV and SC Public Radio have impacted my life with exemplary entertainment, reliable news, education in history, the sciences, travel, visual and musical arts, gardening and culinary skills. Without SCETV and SC Public Radio my life would be significantly diminished.

Albert Blackwell, Greenville, SC

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We're Here for You

We hope the programming on South Carolina ETV and South Carolina Public Radio are your silver linings during these challenging times. Whether it is for information, education or entertainment, we are here for you—because of you! Thank you for your support and stay safe!