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Thank you for supporting South Carolina Public Radio!

Walter Edgar's Journal

Thank you, loyal listeners! Because of generous donors like you, South Carolina Public Radio’s Spring Fundraising Campaign ended successfully this morning. We were able to exceed our goal and raise $301,366 for SC Public Radio.

The No Pledge Drive Pledge Drive is designed to give listeners every minute of the radio programs on which they rely and still raise the money needed to keep their favorite programming on air. It’s a different kind of fundraising campaign, and for the fifth time our members did not disappoint.

The No Pledge Drive Pledge Drive began on Thursday, February 1 and the deadline passed on Wednesday, February 21 leaving us $124,000 short of our goal. We kicked into an old-fashioned, live pledge drive and the remainder of our goal was raised in one day. The funding for your favorite programs has been secured for another year, all thanks to you!   

Thank you for supporting South Carolina Public Radio!

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