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The Southern Campaign Wins NETA Award

The Southern Campaign of the American Revolution received a National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) Award for the category Instructional Media-Teacher Resource.

The eight-part video series describes the South’s role in winning the American Revolutionary War, including battles that took place in the Palmetto State. The educational lessons are based around short video segments produced in a documentary style, consisting of historical reenactments, demonstrations, interviews with historians, period artifacts and music, artistic renderings and maps. Media for the series is available at SCETV’s classroom resources site.

The educational series is a collaboration with SCETV, The National Park Service, The Self Family Foundation and both the local and national chapters of the Sons of the American Revolution.

“This project is a good example of SCETV’s philosophy of finding a need in the local community and filling that need. The Southern Campaign of the American Revolution is usually just a footnote in history and not mentioned in movies or educational materials. This project takes a look at the important southern campaign battles, most of which are local to this area, and creates educational materials that can be used by K-12 teachers to teach about these important events. This was truly a team effort across many departments of the SCETV network.” – William Richardson, SCETV

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