Inside ETV Endowment

SCETV has been sustained and inspired by one thing - our members

Dear Viewers and Listeners: 

As we enter this season of Thanksgiving and holiday cheer, we take a moment to acknowledge that all of us at South Carolina ETV and South Carolina Public Radio have many reasons to be thankful. Like the year that preceded it, 2021 was full of both unexpected challenges and moments of triumph, from the ongoing pandemic to the successful premiere of highly anticipated projects, such as Downing of a Flag  and How She Rolls

Through it all, the SCETV family has been sustained and inspired by one thing - the support of our members. More than 40,000 strong, our membership and their generosity allow us to produce exceptional and informative programming for our viewers, not only in the state of South Carolina but also across the country. 

No matter what the new year holds, as we transition into 2022, we know that we'll overcome any obstacles that arise by collaborating and supporting one another. We're proud to serve as a resource for every citizen in South Carolina and look forward to continuing our efforts to make a meaningful and positive impact in communities all around this state. 

Anthony Padgett
President & CEO
SCETV and SC Public Radio

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