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Planting the seed today for peace of mind tomorrow

Estate plans are like a garden: no matter how simple or how elaborate - how small or how large - you start a successful garden by planting the first seed.

October 17-23 is National Estate Planning Awareness Week and a great time to get gardening. Plant the first seed by getting organized and learning more about your options. Then, watch your garden grow.

By preparing an estate plan, you are safeguarding more than just matters of finances and inheritance, you are also guiding future health decisions, providing for spouses, partners, children, pets and other loved ones and creating your legacy. No matter your age or income, a few simple steps today will give you peace of mind tomorrow by ensuring you and your loved ones are well-protected. Throughout the month of October, the ETV Endowment is offering resources for planting that first seed. 

Request your FREE Personal Estate Planning Guide
Please contact us to request your free copy of the Personal Estate Planning Guide. This handy little booklet will help organize the essentials:

  • Personal information
  • Family contacts
  • Healthcare information
  • Medical providers
  • Types of assets you own
  • Your advisors

The guide will assist you with knowing what information is important to document and is a resource you can file or share with family and/or a legal or financial advisor.

Complete your estate plans with our FREE online will-making service
The ETV Endowment has partnered with FreeWill, a simple online tool that provides an easy way to write a legal will. Use it to complete your estate plans or in preparation for meeting with your legal advisor.

Learn how to support your favorite programs through a planned gift
When you make a planned gift to the ETV Endowment, your generosity has an impact far beyond your lifetime. Learn how your gift can help support the programs you love on South Carolina ETV and South Carolina Public Radio for generations to come. 



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