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Meet ETV Endowment Intern Rebecca Dymock


For the past 37 years, the ETV Endowment has proudly supported a 10-week paid summer internship for college students who wish to explore a career in media. Previously, interns have been placed at South Carolina ETV and South Carolina Public Radio in Columbia as well as SCETV’s regional stations in Spartanburg, Rock Hill and Sumter.

We sat down with one of the 2018 interns, Rebecca Dymock, a rising senior at the University of South Carolina, to hear her public media story.

Why did you want to be an intern at SCETV?
A representative of SCETV visited one of my Film and Media Studies classes in the fall of 2017 and gave a presentation about the types of programming that SCETV has to offer. I was able to connect with an SCETV Producer through her and complete a part-time internship last spring. I enjoyed my time with SCETV so much that I wanted to come back and do a summer internship where I would have much more time to work on various projects.

What was your first introduction to public media?
I remember watching Clifford the Big Red Dog and Cyberchase all the time when I was little. My siblings and I really enjoyed the unique characters that those shows revolved around.

What do you think public media gives to the people of South Carolina?
I think Public Media allows people from all over the state to connect with each other through local entertainment, education, culture and news. It is a great way for different communities within the state to learn more about each other.

What specific program or show has impacted you in your life and why?  Do you have a favorite? 
I really enjoyed Clifford the Big Red Dog when I was little and I remember how exciting the show made reading seem. I am so glad that I grew up with such a positive association for reading and storytelling. More recently, I assisted with SCETV's Yoga in Practice, which was the first television set I ever stepped foot on. I will always remember my time working on that program. While short, it was thrilling. 

What do you plan to do professionally after your internship? How are the skills you are learning helping you think about your future? 
I plan to pursue a career in television. I am not sure yet whether I want to work in the public media sector or in commercial television, but  working in a digital studios division is certainly one of my main interests.  While I am a Media Arts student that has worked with short media projects for a while now, I am able to work on a series of short projects with SCETV that allow me to think about how media can be used for long term entertainment and education. I think by the end of my time at SCETV this summer, I will have a strong understanding and portfolio of work of the production of a digital media series. I think this will allow me to transition more easily into being a professional media producer.

Outside of your work with SCETV, what else interests you?  
As a student at USC, I am a member of an organization called Carolina Productions. We provide free events for students throughout the year. We offer everything from concerts and movies to writing workshops and Q&A's with professionals from all kinds of industries. I have really enjoyed my time providing a safe, diverse and entertaining environment for students to be able to interact in. 

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