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Meet ETV Endowment Intern Cassidy Haynes


My name is Cassidy Haynes and I’m a Savannah native. I’m currently studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design. My major is Dramatic Writing and my minor is Film and TV. In my free time I play ukulele and enjoy painting.

I’ve been watching public television since I was very young. Either Arthur or Between the Lions was always playing at my home. Because of this, I was somewhat familiar with SCETV. Masterpiece programs are a favorite of my mom’s and a professor recently introduced me to This American Life. I so admire the attention to detail and narrative that goes into This American Life and the way each individual’s story is presented to the audience. After stumbling upon a few episodes of A Chef’s Life, I knew I wanted to take part in the making of something similar.

I’m incredibly fortunate to have been chosen for this opportunity and I feel that a measure of responsibility accompanies this honor. As journalists, we’re charged with seeking out and amplifying the voices of the Lowcountry; those who have something new and fresh to offer, those who have been overlooked, those who have a story that has gone untold. The importance of public media is its wide reach and accessibility. It makes all the difference between a close knit, conscious and culturally aware community, and a place where no one knows their neighbors.

I think SCETV’s work is immensely important. The best stories are often true, and with its rich history and colorful heritage, South Carolina’s residents have no shortage of them.

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