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Endeavour Season 7: What to Expect


When we last saw Endeavour Morse at the end of Season 6, he was settling in at the station and the house that would become home to his character in the Inspector Morse series. But it doesn’t ensure happiness for our cerebral and solitary hero, who will face a series of enigmatic murders.

Endeavour Season 7 brings three new mysteries, all connected in a larger storyline. 

In Oracle  (Episode 1), a murder on an Oxford towpath sets Thursday investigating while Morse celebrates the new year at an opera in Venice.

In Raga (Episode 2), a delivery man goes missing and two rival gangs clash in the shadow of a divisive election and a troubling distance between Morse and Thursday.

In Zenana (Episode 3), what appears to be an accidental death at a women’s college reveals a potential connection between a series of incidents and a larger mystery that only Endeavour can untangle…and try to survive.

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Endeavour airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. beginning August 9 on SCETV. Watch the entire season starting the night of the premiere with SCETV Passport. 

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