What is a Sustaining Star Membership?

A Sustaining Star membership is an easy, convenient and affordable way to support SCETV and South Carolina Public Radio by making an ongoing, monthly contribution to the ETV Endowment. Spreading a gift over the year is easier on your budget and gives us the security of steady, reliable contributed dollars to produce and buy the television and radio programs upon which we all depend.

Did you know our more than 12,000 Sustaining Stars provide ongoing, reliable support to programs such as Making It Grow and Walter Edgar’s Journal?

How does it work?

Choose the monthly amount that you’d like to give and complete the donation form with your information. Your donation will process automatically each month, so your support will always be current.

Benefits of Sustaining Stars Membership Include:


Donations are made through automatic direct debit from your bank account or credit card charge; there are no checks to write or envelopes to mail.

Because your membership automatically renews, we won’t mail you membership renewal letters, saving money and trees.


Contributions can be changed or canceled at any time.

Peace of Mind

You know that your membership is always current.

No interruption of the SCENE magazine or of the ETV Endowment Sustaining Stars MemberCard.

Become a Sustaining Star

Already a Sustaining Star?

To make changes to your Sustaining Star membership, access your account through the Member Login, call 1-877-253-2092 or email us at members@etvendowment.org.