I have to be in-the-know

be in the know. it's great.

I also want to be in-the-know.

If I'm not in the know...I just...I just can't deal.

Jane Q. Listener - Columbia, SC

I love local culture

Culture is pretty sweet. Local culture? even sweeter.

I could use a little more culture.

I want high-quality entertainment

Downton Abbey, basically.

I prefer watching Downton Abbbey to not watching Downton Abbey

I want a deeper look

ETV Endowmeent unds original TV programs that explore local politics and documentary series taht offer a comprehensive look at issues affecting our state.

  • 180 days in Hartsville
  • Palmeto Sceene
  • State House Today
  • Original SC

Yes I want to support more original series on local topics.

I love ETV because the programs get to the heart of an issue or situation; it's an honest approach. Plus, there are no advertisements that interrupt programming.

J. Robert Strickler - Greenville, SC