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Help us double the Endowment's capacity to share South Carolina's stories.

Local television and radio celebrate what makes South Carolina a great place to live, work and visit. We're committed to continuing our rich legacy by providing more funding for the local programs that make SCETV and SC Public Radio unique.

Our vision for local programming

Made Here, With Your Support.

Check out a few examples of our existing local programs that are made for and about the state, produced by SCETV and SC Public Radio or independently made and presented for broadcast by SCETV. Donate today to bring more of your favorite local programming to viewers and listeners across the state and to amplify South Carolina's voice and influence in the media.

chef in the kitchen

A Chef's Life

Celebrating local cooking, eating and living

documentary crew in a field

Reel South

Sharing the Southern tradition of storytelling

WWII veterans

South Carolinians in WWII

Honoring local heros and their brave experiences

Dr. Walter Edgar

Walter Edgar's Journal

Exploring the arts, culture and history of South Carolina

"South Carolina’s stories deserve to be told...for entertainment, yes, but also to document the people, places, history and culture of this great state. My family and I felt it was important to give to this campaign to help the ETV Endowment double its capacity to support programs that enrich our lives as South Carolinians."

Mary Rainey Belser

Chairman of One State, Many Voices: Sharing South Carolina’s Stories

Let's Celebrate South Carolina

Help us showcase and preserve South Carolina’s rich history, culture and character. With your support of One State, Many Voices, you’ll fuel the creative engine at SCETV and SC Public Radio for generations to come.

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