Take SCETV and SC Public Radio with You Wherever You Go

The SCETV Mobile App features local and national programming, giving viewers and listeners content at their fingertips. Radio enthusiasts will have access to SC Public Radio’s live news and classical stations and SCETV viewers will have a front row seat with on-demand broadcasts of some of the most beloved local and national television programming. The App integrates social media into every option for easy sharing and the broadcast schedule is available with the option of push notifications to be sent as a reminder for watching programs LIVE.

Download the SCETV App from the iTunes App Store or the Android store.

Live Radio Streaming

  • DVR-like controls - pause, rewind and fast-forward. You can pause the live stream to have a conversation and pick up right where you left off! Or rewind to catch a comment you just missed.
  • Listen to live streams from SC Public Radio, even while traveling!
  • Integrated news and classical music program schedules from SC Public Radio.

On Demand Video and Podcasts

  • Access SCETV and SC Public Radio programs easily and quickly with DVR-like controls - pause, rewind and fast-forward.
  • Access previously broadcast programs.

Additional Features

  • Easily share stories and programs with family and friends.
  • A built-in sleep timer and alarm clock allows you to go to sleep and wake up to your favorite station.
  • Rest easy with educational PBS Kids content and parental controls.

The App is just one more way SCETV, SC Public Radio and the ETV Endowment work to provide our valued viewers and listeners with high-quality programming that educates, entertains and inspires.

Please support the ETV Endowment by becoming a member today!