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We May Not Be Perfect, But We're Close

By Julie Lonon

There's something to celebrate at the ETV Endowment!

For the sixth year in a row, the Endowment has been awarded a four-out-of-four star rating by Charity Navigator. And this year we received an almost perfect overall score 99.92 percent out of 100. 

The rating and score are given by Charity Navigator, the nation's largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities, which has developed an unbiased, numbers-based rating system to assess charities on their financial health and their accountability and transparency.

Why is that important? The 4-Star rating tells donors that when they make a donation, they can trust the Endowment will manage their contributions in a fiscally responsible and transparent and accountable way. In other words, when you donate to the ETV Endowment, you can be sure your donation is making a difference. 

So, how does the Endowment consistently get recognized by Charity Star Navigator?

"When we prepare our budgets, we look at the percentage spent on producing and purchasing high-quality television and radio programming," said Lauren Chivers, Financial Officer at ETV Endowment. "We know that's what is important to the donors who are so integral to our mission. And we keep our donors in mind every time we make a decision on how we spend money--it doesn't matter if we're buying staples or working with a third-party vendor."

And because the four-star rating is done by an independent, unbiased organization, it's proof that the ETV Endowment is meeting that goal. 

"Our rating is evidence that we are excellent, trustworthy stewards of the gifts that are entrusted to us. And we promise that we will continue to be. -Coby Hennecy, Executive Director

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