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My Public Media Story--Lauren Chivers

By Lauren Chivers, Sustaining Star

Lauren Chivers joined the ETV Endowment staff in July of 2016. You can also find her volunteering on the Missions committee at New Beginnings United Methodist Church, in the Patron Society for the Hope Center for Children, in Circle 555 and at cleanup days on Lake Blalock.

Growing up in rural New Hampshire, we had access to very few television stations. New Hampshire Public Television was one of them. I can remember watching many hours of Sesame Street and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood with my sisters. But my fondest memories of public television are still being made every Saturday morning as I watch my kids eyes light up while watching programs like Wild KrattsDinosaur Train and Curious George. SCETV's childrens programming is educational and wholesome, and our children need that!

SCETV and SC Public Radio educate us

SCETV and SC Public Radio are valuable resources. They provide insight into the rich culture and history of our state and tell the untold stories that are worth capturing, sharing and archiving.

I would like to see the Endowment be able to fund more locally-produced programs that are unique to our state and in-demand on the national level, as well.

Our members are exceptional

There are many different ways to give and support the programming on SCETV and SC Public Radio, and all help us accomplish our mission. Our donors can support general programming schedules through memberships, car donations, stock gifts, planned gifts and more. 

I continue to be amazed at how caring and passionate our members are. I love hearing their stories of why they give and how SCETV and SC Public Radio have impacted their lives.

Thank you for all of your support. It truly would not be possible without all of you.  SCETV and SC Public Radio have continued to improve and grow because of the loyal support of our donors.

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