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My Public Media Story--Colleen Bishop

By Colleen Bishop

I'm proud that SCETV and SC Public Radio provide clean, fun and educational television and radio programming. 

It is important that we continue to produce programming about our history to document and preserve our past so that it can be shared for years to come. One of my most memorable experiences was attending a screening for the American Experience program, Freedom Summer, in 2014. This documentary is a great example of the kind of smart, education and enlightening programming that SCETV and SC Public Radio offer. It was so moving and wonderful to see the community come together to view the documentary and talk about what it meant to them.

Member donations make programs like that possible and I'd  like to say "thank you" to everyone who contributes. 

My hope is to see the Endowment continue to grow. It amazes me how our donors continue to be extremely devoted to our mission.

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