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My Public Media Story--Coby Hennecy

By Coby Hennecy, Sustaining Star

I grew up watching Sesame Street and The Electric Company. Back then I never thought I'd be on the set of one of the most popular shows on SCETV, but as an ETV Endowment employee I got to walk down the grand staircase at Highclere Castle. 

SCETV and SC Public Radio give the absolute best programming TV and radio has to offer. They give people opportunities to travel, to attend world-class performances, to experience other cultures, to be educated on a variety of topics--and the list goes on!

A look at the future

A significant number of people rely solely on SCETV and SC Public Radio for their TV and radio programming, so I think public media will continue to grow in importance.

As for the ETV Endowment, many people know that we are an excellent organization; I want everyone to know it.  I also want them to know that we have a dedicated team who are passionate about our product and our donors.

Our donors are exceptional

Thank you!  Without your support, the exceptional programming we all love would not exist!  Thank you for investing in a more connected, engaged and educated citizenry.   

Anyone can be a member. Our members represent every walk of life yet they find their place with our organization and our programming.