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Meet Jenna Schiferl

By Natalyn Klump

Jenna Schiferl


Jenna fell in love with public media at a young age. Now in college, she is able to learn how the stories come to life during her 10-week paid summer internship through the ETV Endowment. 

We recently sat down with Jenna, a rising senior at the University of South Carolina, to learn more about her public media story.

Where are you from? 
I am from Irmo, South Carolina.

What school are you in/did you go to? 
I am a journalism student at the University of South Carolina.

What made you interested in being an intern at SCETV?
SCETV has fascinated me from a young age. This continued as I got older, especially when I started studying journalism. I was immediately interested in working for ETV because I have a sincere admiration for the quality reporting and storytelling that the station produces daily. 

What was your first introduction to public media?
I was first introduced to public media as a kindergartner. My dad worked close to the daycare I attended, but it was a 30-minute commute home. When my dad picked me up each afternoon, we would listen to All Things Considered in the car. Our afterschool ritual continued until I was old enough to have my own car and eventually started driving myself to and from school.

What do you think public media gives to the people of South Carolina? 
The importance of public media in South Carolina is invaluable. This state is full of people doing, creating, and making incredible things. This is why public media is important. Oftentimes, it is these stories that are overlooked in private media companies. Public media, like ETV, provides an outlet for these individuals to share what they're doing to a broader audience. 

What specific program or show has impacted you in your life and why? Do you have a favorite? 
One program that significantly impacted my life is Rick Steves' Europe. This is a show I grew up watching. I quickly fell in love with exploring new places and always seeking adventure. Eventually, it led me to study abroad in Spain for five months. It is here where I was able to learn new things about the people, the culture, and the landscape of Seville. During my time abroad, I was even inspired to start my own travel blog. 

What do you plan to do professionally after your internship? How are the skills you are learning/project you are managing helping you think about your future? 
After my internship finishes, I will work as a writing intern for the Darla Moore School of Business at USC. Additionally, I will continue to work as an articles editor for Garnet & Black Magazine. After graduation, I hope to obtain a job in media. Eventually, I would like to return to school and obtain a graduate degree in order to become a journalism professor. The skills I'm learning at ETV directly relate to my personal and professional goals in the future. 

Outside of your work with SCETV, what else interests you?
Outside of ETV, I am interested in art, yoga, and photography. I volunteer for The Jasper Project, a local nonprofit that focuses on elevating the local Columbia art scene through a print magazine as well as numerous cultural engagement events.