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Haley Kellner's Sundays with Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me

By Haley Kellner

Haley Kellner

I grew up in Clinton, SC, but I’ve moved around throughout the upstate and live in Anderson, SC now. In the fall, I will be going into my junior year at the University of South Carolina. I applied to be an intern at SCETV, specifically SC Public Radio, because writing is my main interest and goal in everything I do. I wanted an opportunity to try out writing for radio and to develop those specific skills.


Sundays with Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me

Growing up, I often listened to the game show Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me on NPR with my parents, guessing and laughing along with the contestants and audience. We would always listen driving home from church on Sundays. My family has been a big advocate of public radio throughout my life. When my sister found out I got the internship, she said to me, “You’re going to be working at my favorite radio station!”

I think public media gives all people greater access to the world of stories around them. It’s more than just staying informed with current events. It’s exposure to stories and lives and people--some far away, some close at hand--that you might never have known existed, and with public media, they’re so easy to find. I think that this exposure helps give people faith. The news is so heartbreaking these days, but it’s still important to know what’s going on. Listening to or watching public media gives a balance of events happening within the difficult world and stories of the incredible people surviving them.


The Art of Storytelling

Before starting my internship here, I mostly listened to the occasional NPR segment in the car with my parents or podcasts like Serial, S-Town, and Stuff You Should Know. I love programs like Serial and S-Town specifically, because I’m able to enjoy the story they’re telling, but also the incredible way the producers and writers are delivering that story. That’s what really makes a good show to me--strong storytelling. That’s what made me want to pursue an internship at South Carolina Public Radio. I’m happy to say they practice the same great storytelling here, that I’m now getting to learn for myself.


A Future in Writing

As an English and Russian major at USC, I can easily say I have no idea what I’m doing with my life professionally after college, but I know it will involve writing. The skills I’m developing at SCETV are helping me to become someone who could write and produce for radio in the future, as well as making me a better writer all around. The internship here is also helping me test out working for radio as an option I might pursue in the future.

It’s summer vacation, so I’ll be honest and say I’m not doing much outside of work with SCETV. During the school year, I attend class, work as a writing tutor for the university, and play on USC’s club women’s ultimate team, Scorch, which, as a competitive, traveling team, takes up almost all of my time. It’s a great way to get exercise, practice teamwork, and bond with a bunch of brilliant, compassionate, motivating girls (who are also now my closest friends).

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