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Ari Shapiro is a Household Name in Our Intern's Family

By Imani-Grace King

Imani-Grace King

Imani-Grace is a student at Furman University. She's an advocate for the arts, public broadcasting, and Head Starts and programs that provide free education for underdeveloped communities. This summer she's working with SCETV and SC Public Radio with the goal of developing her writing skills further. 

Ari Shapiro Was a Household Name

When I was growing up, my mom always insisted we listen to NPR on the way to school. Ari Shapiro's reporting had a big impact on my life. He was a household name for me growing up and gave me a reliable foundation of facts to sculpt my own opinion. I think a non-bias and factual view of history, current events, and topics of interest is something that public media gives the people of South Carolina.

My Future in Television

I'm an advocate for protecting the arts and  public broadcasting and educational programming, which is what lead me to this internship. In the future, I want to write for television whether it is for news or for something that could be on Netflix. I am learning how to write for various medias and write strong content which is relevant for all my trajectories.